The Haberman Model

When creating a new school, it always falls upon the principal to select his or her new staff. This is an exciting, if not somewhat daunting, proposition. Buffalo Creek, the newest school in Spring Branch, is unique in that the Haberman Urban Teacher Selection Interview Instrument was used as an integral part of our teacher selection process. This instrument was created by Dr. Martin Haberman, Professor of Education, University of Wisconsin. This instrument screens teachers based on several characteristics as outlined in Dr. Haberman’s book, “Star teachers of Children in Poverty.” We in Spring Branch, believe that this instrument has value in the teacher selection process, not only to choose teachers who work with at-risk students, but also to make hiring decisions about teachers who demonstrate these attributes in working with all students. Some of the characteristics that Haberman indicates are predictors of teacher success include, persistence in solving problems, networking with other teachers to prevent burnout and enhance teaching skills, willingness to protect the learning of students, willingness to teach ALL students and the ability to see themsrtelves as fallible and to use this fallibility to grow and learn as they relate to students.

Our teachers here at Buffalo Creek are truly “star teachers.” We feel fortunate to be participating in a longitudinal survey with the Haberman Foundation. Hopefully, this relationship will be beneficial to all staff and promote student achievement. For more information on Haberman you can e-mail us at and we will put you in touch with the Haberman Foundation.