Our goal is to not only envision but help implement a complete paradigm switch in how teachers and principals are identified and educated, particularly those educators who serve students at risk and in poverty.

We are totally convinced that what we are doing is good for children. We are not finding jobs for individuals who have credentials, but finding teachers for the neediest of children–not filling “slots” with individuals with transcripts, but providing children individuals who won’t give up until they’ve made a difference.”  

Delia Stafford, Co-founder and President, Emeritus, Haberman Educational Foundation,Inc.


Continuing the Mission

For nearly a decade, Ms. Stafford directed the nation’s largest school district- based alternative teacher certification program in Houston Independent School District. She was twice recognized at White House ceremonies for her success in that program and her advocacy in finding good teachers for children at risk and in poverty. In addition to research interests in alternative teacher certification and teacher selection, Ms. Stafford’s publications include urban school district-based teacher education, violence prevention, beliefs of effective teachers, student resilience, and research implementation. Ms. Stafford began The Haberman Educational Foundation in 1994 for the purpose of making visible and lasting improvements in the education of America’s 15 million diverse children in poverty.

After the passing of Dr. Martin Haberman in 2012, Delia Stafford strived to continue the work they treasured together.  She had been at the helm of The Haberman Foundation since its inception in 1994, and has since retired from the daily operations. Her invaluable contributions and support remain.  The work done by The Haberman Foundation was more than a career for Ms. Stafford– it was a drive, a passion. This mission continues on today.