Use the articles and videos below as guides to operating the Haberman Pre-Screener App.  If you have additional questions, please email

How to Send Bulk Pre-Screener Invitations

Sending bulk invitations for the Star Teacher and Star Administrator Pre-Screeners is easy. Simply login to your account, locate the Bulk Invitations section, create a new bulk invitation job and begin inputting your candidate information. You can even upload a list of candidates using a spreadsheet.

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Purchase Tokens for Pre-Screener

Purchasing tokens for the Star Teacher and Star Administrator Pre-Screeners is easy.  Simply login to your account, locate the Buy More Tokens, set the amount you wish to purchase, provide your payment details, and your balance will be updated.  You will then be able to invite as many candidates as you have tokens available.

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Invite a Candidate to a Pre-Screener

Invite a candidate to take a pre-screener by clicking on the graduation cap icon in the top right of your screen. Fill out the information, and your candidate will be sent an invitation, which will expire after one week.

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Viewing the Pre-Screener Results from a Candidate

View a candidate’s results by going to the pre-screeners section of your admin, clicking on Start Teacher or Star Administrator and selecting the desired row. Search the results using the universal search bar in the top right, and sort the columns by clicking the column header names.

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Creating a Subdivision and Sharing Tokens

Creating a subdivision in your organization is a great way to organize schools in your districts, or departments at your university. Once a subdivision is created, it can be branded with logos or seals. Also, tokens purchased by the parent organization can be shared with the sub division.

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