Eastern Washington University

“The Star Teacher Interview Training exceeded my expectations.  I think these are fantastic questions to use not just in our program but in advising students and working with candidates struggling in the field and evaluating my own practice.”

–Suzie Henning, Assistant Professor Education

Union County Public Schools

Where has this been? I loved this training. Presenters were friendly and very knowledgeable.

–– Teacher

Union County Public Schools

Loved the information and what these questions can tell me about my interview candidates.

–– Administrator

Spring Independent School District

The Haberman Foundation and theoretical framework that encompasses the work of Dr. Martin Haberman continues to be one of the most influential frameworks I believe to identify the core beliefs of teachers and administrators alike. As a previous school teacher, human resource chief and current school superintendent, I continue to rely on the Haberman Foundation to help select individuals to fill some of the most important positions in the school district. Students deserve the best possible teachers and administrators.

–– Dr. Rodney Watson

Midwestern State University

“Overall, I would rate my experience with Haberman with highest regards. I believe hiring teachers is a critical decision for schools, one that can have a far-reaching impact, both good and bad, depending on the quality of the screening process. The historical data and validity provided by Haberman provides for increased levels of confidence in making that decision.”

–– Matthew Capps

McCandless Elementary

“Two years ago, our team decided to pass on an experienced applicant to instead hire a first-year teacher based on her Haberman score. Her first year however, she struggled mightily. And even though there were intense interventions put in place for her, in the spring, we discussed non-renewing her. Before we were to meet with her, our team went back and reviewed her Haberman score and answers and decided again, based on that resource, that we needed to renew her contract for a second year. What a difference! This year her class was effective and calm, and both the teacher and her students had a positive, rich experience. I am glad we trusted the Haberman interview tool – our decision to rely on it saved this teacher and helped our students and school.”

–– Sherri Hart