Evaluation Tools

There are good teachers, and there are teachers who truly make a difference…

Those teachers who relate to their students and are obsessed with generating engagement in their classrooms– these are the Star Teachers.

Based on decades of research and data, The Haberman Foundation has created an evaluation tool to spot Star Teachers.  Nearly 200 schools and districts across the nation are currently using the Haberman Method and the Star Teacher Pre-Screener for hiring the best and brightest.

But you can find out where you stand now!

Who Should Take the Pre-Screener?

  • Recent Graduates – looks great on a first resume!
  • Transferring Districts – come armed with the knowledge that you can make a difference
  • Veteran Educators – discover how your experiences have honed your teaching ideology
  • Annual Check-Up – you can take the test once a year, so it’s a perfect way to track your growth and progress annually.

Learn More About the Star Teacher Pre-Screener


This test is for your individual use and benefit only.

You may take the Pre-Screener once a year. Please keep in mind, individual scores will not replace scores on tests through districts, or other educational institutions currently using the Haberman system for hiring purposes.