“If you estimate the number of children those teachers will reach, I’m touching the lives of millions of kids in positive ways…. and that’s a very, very warm feeling.”


Martin Haberman was an educator who  developed interviewing techniques for identifying teachers and administrators who will be successful in working with poor children.  Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Curriculum and Instruction at University of Wisconsin-Milwuakee School of Education and founder of The Haberman Educational Foundation, Haberman developed more teacher education programs which have prepared more teachers than anyone in the history of teacher education.  His philosophy of teacher preparation was summed up perfectly in a 2004 article: “For children in poverty, success in school is a matter of life and death, and they need mature people who have a great deal of knowledge about their subject matter, but who can also relate to them. It is also necessary to recognize that most of what effective teachers learn they learn on the job from mentors, colleagues and self-reflection.”

A Legend Remembered

On January 1,2012, the community of educators nationwide and beyond lost an educational icon, Martin Haberman. He is remembered for his work and his dedication to the children and youth of America, which by all means,is unprecedented. Although he is missed, his impact remains strong, and his mission carries on.

In their own words:

“I am going to greatly miss that wonderful man as, I know, we all will. He will live on in our work and in the lives of the thousands he has touched.

Fred Chesek, U of Chicago

“The life Martin led, full of professional accomplishments will continue through you.”

Leo Klagholz, HEF Advisory Board

“We can be thankful for knowing him, having the opportunity to work with him, and helping champion his great work.”

Gus Jacobs, UMKC

“We can only hope to live our lives as dedicated to the plight of this country’s most underserved children as Marty did—what a legacy of an unwavering commitment to social justice! “

Wanda Blanchett, UMKC

“He was icon for me. I, too, will continue to do all that I can to uphold the rich legacy that he has left us. He was a great man! May we gain comfort knowing Martin’s spirit will shine brightly in our lives forever.”

Richard Streedain, NLU

“He shaped so many lives and so much of our thinking. His contribution has been extraordinarily generous and is without end. We are all the better, and so is our world, because there was a Martin Haberman.”

Mark Larson, NLU

“His legacy will be large and lasting, and I look forward to continuing to promote and support his work.”

David Ginsberg

“The great Dr. Martin Haberman, whose 50 plus years as an educator were focused with astonishing precision on the improvement of schools for children in poverty, passed away on the first day of the new year. He will be sorely missed, but the impact of his work will be felt for generations.”


Delia Stafford

President & CEO, Emeritus

Haberman Educational Foundation,Inc.