Don't Just Hire.... INSPIRE!

Why Haberman Training?

Haberman STAR training identifies those candidates who have strong values that make them someone you want with your children and/or adolescents, and those administrators who can effectively inspire and lead.  We want educators who care, and who will not give up on students; any student.  We also are looking for candidates that can work effectively with other teachers and administrators.

Why online?

The online experience using the Zoom platform provides an efficient format for training.  The flexibility of this platform not only provides the information needed, but also allows for modeling of the interview, and practice by the participants.  No travel involved… now we can bring the training to you!

What is included?

  •       Information and background on each interview question
  •       Modeling of each question
  •       Practice by the participants with feedback
  •       Practice in scoring each question in the interview
  •       Forum for informal discussion
  • ·       An opportunity for participants to ask questions about any part of the training

Want to know more?

Learn more about the ideology, basic beliefs and dimensions assessed by Haberman Selection Interview Training, and how the system, based on decades of research, helps you identify and retain teachers and administrators who will make a difference!

Star Teacher Selection Interview Training


Star Administrator Selection Interview Training